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A career in the field of Energy Environmental Solutions involves working on innovative and sustainable solutions to address environmental challenges associated with energy production, consumption, and related activities. Professionals in this field contribute to the development and implementation of strategies aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of energy systems.



CODE: SrEES00126


Joining our environmental consulting team, we are seeking Air Quality Senior Technicals. Send in an application right now if you’ve worked for three years or more and are seeking for a chance to advance your career. You will receive rapid touch from one of our Talent Acquisition Advisors. We offer remote work options as well as on-site positions at EES Environmental Consulting locations across the country.


The Sr. Engineer will support clients in the oil and gas, chemical production, and petroleum refining
industries, among others, with a range of air quality activities. At the project manager’s option and
guidance, the project technical will also carry out a variety of project responsibilities.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Drafting applications for state, federal, and other miscellaneous permitting actions (Title V permits).
  • Creating reports on greenhouse gas emissions, emissions, toxic release inventories, and other various compliance reports
  • Creation of computations for various air emissions
  • Helping to carry out regulatory application assessments of national and local laws
  • Maybe offer on-site support to guarantee continued adherence to regulations
  • Assistance with the creation of bids and other project reports
  • At the project manager’s discretion, mentor engineering interns
  • Carry out additional tasks as needed.

Required Education and Experience

  • Earn an MS degree in engineering from a recognized institution or college.
  • Three or more years of experience in a similar field (graduate work may be considered related if it
    directly relates to the job function)
  • Advanced proficiency with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge of the AERMOD air dispersion modeling packages
  • Highly developed critical thinking ability and a track record of addressing problems