EES is also involved with the emerging fields of energy environmental research and management.  EES’ energy management and process optimization team utilize a multi-stage procedure in order to achieve optimal management of energy from an environmental perspective.

Technical Needs

EES’ team addresses the technical needs of industrial customers who want to maximize operational profits.  This is done by optimizing the performance of existing equipment through changing processes or by adding new technologies to the current equipment.

New Technologies

EES’ team develops new technologies to meet future energy management challenges by using input from previous projects and clients.


EES’ team conducts an unbiased assessment of technologies and markets to determine compatibility.


EES conducts detailed engineering study of the industrial processes involved.

The EES’ Energy Environmental Research/Management Group provides services in the following areas:

  1. Market/Technology Assessment
  2. Energy Environmental Audits
  3. Engineering Study of Industrial Processes to Improve Their Efficiency

Representative Product Development Projects

  1. Development of a Mathematical Model for Combustion & Heat Transfer in the Porous Material
  2. Development of a Catalytic Gas Infrared (IR) Burner
  3. Development of New Generation of Radiant Burner
  4. An Innovative Method for Reducing Gaseous Emissions from Power Turbine Combustors
  5. Measurement of Performances of Gas Fired IR Burners and Electric IR Heaters
  6. Development of Low NOx Burner Data Base for Industrial Market